challenges in HR Analytics

Overcome the main HR Analytics challenges

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Learn how to overcome the challenges of HR analytics and so advance your HR career to the next level.
HR Analytics has some challenges which can easily be overcome with the right tools. People analytics is of crucial importance for HR departments as it is the tool that allows them to add strategic value to the business.

This section is designed to offer you a deep understanding of:
1. The main challenges of implementing a data driven decision making process
2. How to overcome this challenges
3. Which are the competencies needed in the HR department to be able to implement a Data Analytics approach
4. What is the mindset needed to be able to have success with metrics, KPIs and solving issues
5. What actions you need to take to understand better the issues that keep your managers up at night

In this section we discuss more about the challenges you will encounter while implementing a data driven decision making approach.
You will have a deep understanding of all the steps you need to make to overcome these challenges. This way you will be able to obtain your stakeholder buy-in.

Trainer: Razvan Radu
Razvan knows very well the challenges that arise with the implementation of a HR analytics function. During his activity as a founder @ humano he was in charge of implementing HR Analytics functions in various companies from Romania and other countries. All these implementations of data driven HR departments gave him the knowledge of the recipe for success.
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