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Base your employee’s decision on data.

Humano People Analytics Platform is a platform with standard and custom HR Metrics. You feed it with data and it feeds you with insights. 

If you would like to automate all the excel files that you use, or if you would like to gain time by skipping the technical and time consuming processing of data into metrics and presentations you are in the right place. Let’s talk!

In our tool you will find standard sections with the most used and releveant metrics for areas like:

  1. Recruitment & Onboarding
  2. Learning & Development
  3. Time (Absenteeism, Overtime, Vacation)
  4. Remuneration
  5. Culture
  6. Performance
  7. Demographics
  8. Costs

We can customize it with your metrics. We can offer our expertise regarding Data Analytics and Metrics to be measured.

Using Humano People Analytics Platform will organize your data and will turn the HR Department into a Data Governed department. More than this, our platform it is designed to be a management tool which can be used by HR and managers. It integrates modules like: Data Analytics, Reward, Surveys, Recruitment.

Base your People Decision on insights coming from your organisation.

All of these to make your life easier.

We put all together for you to see the bigger picture.

Create a business case to enforce your programs proposals, give weight to your HR program proposals. Develop impactful projects that drive maximum performance and maximize you HR budget. Identify patterns which lead to success and reiterate, identify patterns that were not so successful and eliminate.

Welcome to the era of HR Research!

For more details visit the section People Analytics Platform on our website.

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This workshop is destined for your internal HR Team to be able to develop a HR Analytics Function and become a Data Driven Department.

The workshop main themes are:

  1. HR Data – how get reliable data, data management and warehousing, predictive analysis, metrics that can be measured and formulas
  2. People related Metrics – choosing the right metrics to measure, measuring through time, metrics that support organizational decision making
  3. HR Department related Metrics – the right metrics to support HR Department Effectiveness
  4. Business Case – how to create a impactful business case for the Board and other Function managers

It can also be part of the HR Metric Dashboard

For more details please contact us

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See the real picture of your organization using a diagnostic survey. Our Employee Engagement Diagnostic offers an in-depth view of employee commitment through 2 interactions that drive performance:

  1. Human2Human Interaction
  2. Human2Company Interaction


What we really analyze is the perception of your employees regarding their interaction with:

  1. Colleagues/peers, managers, clients and other humans in the organization and how it can be improved
  2. Processes, systems, resources, clarity related to their tasks, accountabilities, professional and career perspectives

We analyze dimensions like Trust, Leadership, Respect, Collaboration, Authority and Autonomy, Agility, Direction, Development (from people&formal), Communication (human 2 human&formal), Resources, Pay, Processes, Clarity and NPS.

We take it to the next level and analyze data by demographics (department, area, sex, age, tenure, etc), we link and filter data by individual performance, pay level, turnover, HiPo’s.

Employee Engagement Diagnostic Survey gives data which helps you take decisions and influence:

  • Retention: find sources for lack of performance and attrition;
  • Attraction: find your strong points and leverage them to attract the right talent;
  • High Performance: link the root causes of your issues with people perception and reality factors like performance, pay, attrition and create high performance;
  • Budget efficiency: having data-driven action plans you will have targeted and impactful outcomes.


Start deliberate building of your employee experience system!

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Time Management

Time is one the most important limited resource that expires every day. Mastering Time Management is the key to gaining any other resource that you need or desire.

The course is designed to teach you how to identify and eliminate time thieves, how and to whom to say No, will give strategies of technology integration in managing time, methods of activity prioritization and selection for a better work life balance.

Transition to Manager

Becoming a Manager is a big step and when it happens for the first time in your life it turns your world upside down. Being prepared is the best thing for you, your company and for your team.

The course is designed to teach you how to adopt a manager mentality, how to build effective relationships and what to expect from the daily life as a manager.

Management Abilities

Some people agree that in order to evaluate a company’s current and future worth, the most important factors are the quality and experience of the managers.

This course is designed to teach you operations management, self management, emotional intelligence, people management, and coaching methodologies.

We are here to help your team to become an essential business partner
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It is a real competitive environment out there! Sometimes the outcome of being a highly competitive company is tension between board members, middle managers, team leaders or other employees.

It is counterproductive for everybody. It limits your company’s performance, creates additional stress for the people involved and to the peers who witness it.

Let’s put them in the same room and address the “elephant”. We are all Human! It’s a good reminder in this cases. Let us facilitate this epiphany via our special workshops / programmes

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In the “era of Big DATA” with so many reports from different sources the right question is:

We know all these things, WHAT NOW?

With our guidance, via our methodology, expertise and fresh eye you will get the answer to What now? question and create:

  1. Action plans
  2. A link between data, issues and root causes
  3. Find root causes for different issues
  4. Engagement by starting to address the right issues
  5. Add value to your budget by investing in the right projects

Start now! Let’s go together on the road of Big Data!

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Do You need:

  • To create emotional security for the respondent in order to get sincere feedback?
  • To assure confidentiality of responses?
  • Professionals able to get to the root causes and maximize everybody’s time?
  • A fresh professional perspective?
  • A qualitative research method?
  • Do you need to reach a small group of population?

Well, a third party conducted interview or focus group might do the trick.

Our interviews have a name:

  1. Feeling interview (stay in) – a tool largely used in diagnostics projects to collect data regarding culture and engagement which lead to attrition. Very powerful if used as a current practice to identify potential triggers for leaving the company by new comers, key people and holders of key positions. A tool used worldwide by most admired companies with high impact in retention and assimilated with healthy cultures.
  2. Thematic in depth interview – exploraing roots of: low engagement dimensions score, performance gaps, development areas, climate
  3. Change management check-ups – gather feedback regarding ended steps, evaluate and tailor future steps based on the experience of all involved parties.

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Working closely with companies to become more Data Driven through our HR Metric Dashboard we process a lot of data which we turn into insights and norms. If you would like to contribute and to benchmark your HR Metrics against the market and industry you are welcomed.

The HR Database collects and provides info in an anonymous and very well segmented manner about: employee attrition, attrition costs, recruitment funnel effectiveness, time to hire, training budgets, recruitment costs, absenteeism, etc.

Contact us for more details.