We are here to support you in overcoming the 3 main challenges when implementing People Analytics

Data Challenge

Information exists in many forms across multiple platforms and files. Transforming all this data into insights comes with the need to tackle issues like:

  • compiling data from multiple sources
  • data quality: consistency, accuracy, validity, completeness, uniformity
  • real time data flows to allow delivering insights in a timely manner
  • keeping track of employee movements and data changes

We have the tools and expertise to support you to overcome and control all this issues in a fast, smart and effective way.

Metric Challenge

Sorting your data issues is just one step. Turning it into insights is the next one and comes with questions like:

  • What metrics are relevant to my company, industry and context?
  • Which are the correct formulas for these metrics?
  • What are the risk of bending the formula?

We have created a very comprehensive tool that gives you all the answers regarding metrics, formulas, KPI’s and best practices.

The best part is that combined with our Data Analytics platform measuring more than 150 metrics is just one click away. 

Perspective Challenge

Implementing a people analytics approach means a change management project. To rest assured that success is achieved you need to shape a perspective that approaches:

  • Transparency and clarity regarding data collection and processing
  • A common understanding about “the how” and “the why” behind the tracked metrics
  • A culture of responsibility. Both HR and line manager are in charge of people performance
  • People are an investment not a cost because: costs get cut and investment gets ROI

Via our tools for Data Management and Metrics combined with our training and workshops you will have full support to be successful you in this journey.