People Analytics Platform
People Analytics Platform
Here's how we will help you improve your business performance

Insights at your fingertips with daily updated comprehensive metrics.

Understand behavioral patterns in your organization.

Means to calculate the ROI of HR initiatives.

Track the impact of your HR initiatives.

Save time you now waste on manual measuring.

Humano Platform Modules
People Analytics Core
Analytics Module

The Platform capable to integrate metrics based on data from different sources, capable to give meaning  and context to your data;

The easiest way to measure relevant metrics and find answers to your questions;

HR Management software to simplify your HR processes;

This is the way you can gain time. Time to invest in what really matters: your people!

Humano Platform Modules
People Analytics Core
Analytics Module

Organize your data, store it one place to gain quick insights about your workforce;

Metrics in real time! Know at every moment how you stand on more than 70 metrics from areas like:

* Recruitment&Onboarding

* Learning&Development

* Time (medical leave, holiday, overtime, work from home)

* Performance

* Demographics

* Department Scorecards

* Reward

* eNPS

* Engagement, etc.

Humano Platform Modules
People Analytics Core
Reward Module

Diagnose your reward system;

Automate your reward analysis based on your policy;

Update your policy against fresh salary survey data within seconds;

Have Internal Equity and External Competitiveness analysis in real time;

Know the compa ratio against policy and market of every employee;

Constantly know your hidden costs or your investment budget to correct policy exceptions;

+ Many other cool time saving features;

Humano Platform Modules
People Analytics Professional
People Analytics Core + Survey Module

Create any survey that you want and can think at;

Find what your employees think and feel;

Have unique segmentations: eg: you can listen to what your best paid employees say in your engagement survey;

Measure ENPS, manage and automate exit interviews or onboarding feedback;

Organize data from interviews, have structured data which can be measured and based on which you can spot evolution;

Manage 360 degree projects;

Create engagement surveys;

Performance evaluation;

+ Many other cool time saving features


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