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The Professional’s guide for HR metrics and KPIs

A library with all relevant HR metrics and KPIs explained in a clear manner. Examples are available.
Here you will find more than 240 KPI’s and HR Analytics best practices.

A community designed to add value to your professional development. Applying HR Analytics will boost your career and company performance.


Measuring with the wrong formulas can make you waste time and money. Humano Library offers you the most relevant HR metrics and KPI’s for your career and business development. Each KPI has a definition and a straightforward formula described. In addition, you will find examples and recommendations.

Best practices:

Understand HR best practices when it comes to data analytics, measuring and KPI’s. Learn tips & tricks that can boost your career and company performance. Using Humano Library you don’t have to reinvent to wheel over and over again. Choosing what to measure and learning how to best apply it has never been so easy.

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