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Advance your HR career to the next step by developing the skills of the future.

This course is designed to offer you a deep understanding of:
1. The main challenges of implementing a data driven decision making process
2. How to overcome this challenges
3. How to effectively handle your data
4. Scorecards and guiding principles (HR Scorecard, Workforce Scorecard, Balanced Scorecard)
5. The design and creation of relevant metrics and KPIs
6. The effective creation of a Business Case
7. Scenario planning methodology
8. Data visualization guidelines

Additionally, in the second part of the course you will go through a Case Study which will uncover:
1. A full data analytics process
2. A complete example of the employee turnover analysis and interpretation
3. Main metrics from: Compensation and Benefits, L&D and Recruitment

The course is fully online and offers the ability to start immediately.
After completion you will receive a 1to1 session of 1.5-2 hours with the trainer.

This course offers you access to more than 200 HR metrics and KPIs. You will gaind access to HR Metrics Library.

Trainer: Razvan Radu

Experience: 8+ years of HR consultancy in areas like:
HR Analytics, Compensation & Benefits, Engagement.
Short CV:
Founder @ humano: 2018 – present
Senior Account Manager @ Korn Ferry Hay Group: 2015 – 2018
Business Performance Consultant @ theConsultants Group 2012 – 2015
Operations Quality Manager @theConsultants: 2012
Team Leader @ Shoppers: 2011 – 2012