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HR Metric Library is a community for HR professionals interested in HR Analytics, metrics and KPI’s.

A community designed to add value to your professional development.

Here you will find all relevant HR metrics and KPI’s explained very clear and with examples. You will have access to more than 200 KPI’s. In addition, you will find best practices regarding HR measurement. For example, our first best practice relates to Engagement Surveys. In this section you will learn how to run a successful engagement survey, you will learn how to prevent or overcome potential challenges, what key messages to send and… many many other important tips & tricks. Applying these metrics can boost your career.

A community designed to contribute to a healthy development of your company.

Here, your HR professionals will find all the necessary info about the most relevant metrics and measuring best practices. Choosing and measuring the right metrics in your company can make a difference and identify the best solutions to overcome your people challenges.

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Next feature: the ability to calculate all metrics online and visualize them into dashboards!

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