salary survey supplier influence

Salary surveys and supplier influence on provided data

Salary surveys and supplier influence on provided data is an important matter to all organizations. Salary surveys influence important decisions within the companies that have the practice of using them. This decisions have a direct impact in the life of a their employees. This is why it's very important to understand the differences between the …

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Employee retention rate

Answers the question: how many employees worked in the company during a certain time frame? Formula: (number of employees who stayed in the company in the reference period/number of employees at the start of the reference period) * 100 Example: 100 employees were working at the start of the period while at the from these …

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cost fluctuatie

Cost of employee turnover

Let’s imagine what are the costs of employee turnover: Employee performance drop after taking the decision to change their current job Employee performance and engagement drop after their resignation Engagement and motivation drop of colleagues when learning the resignation decision Overtime of employees to substitute the activity of the resigned employee Allowance paid to an …

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employee turnover

Employee Turnover

Definition: The number of employees who left in the reference period divided by the average number of employees in reference period multiplied by 100. The average number of employees = (number of employees at the start of the reference period + number of employees at the end of the reference period)/2 Formula deviations: For annual …

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Engage for success

The concept of employee engagement has been built on positive psychology, HR experience and business models that attract an organization’s employees towards an effective culture of success. Focusing on employees In today’s market, building an organization brand takes place through external and internal efforts, but, in the majority of cases, companies decide to centralize their …

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