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Join our academy for a Data Driven HR department. Learn what it takes to be data driven.
A platform dedicated to all HR professionals who want to invest in their careers. Our Microlearning Courses are based on a data driven approach.
If you are an HR professional looking to implement a people analytics approach or you want to be a successful Business Partner or HR Manager our platform is here to facilitate the journey.

Learn the skills of the future! Join our Academy for a Data Driven HR department and become a strategic partner to the business.

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Take a look at our learning sessions. We are constantly adding content so stay tuned as exciting and useful sessions will  be added.

All micro-learning sessions are organized in learning paths. Here are the paths available:

Micro-learning sessions:

challenges in HR Analytics
HR Analytics Challenges

In this section you will learn how to overcome the main challenges faced when implementing a data driven HR approach.

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learn how to effectively be governed by data
Data governance

A lesson dedicated to data. Learn what it takes to have accurate, complete, consistent and uniform data within your systems.

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HR Analytics relevant theories
HR Analytics relevant theories

Learn about the HR theories that should guide us when designing metrics, scorecards or when exploring root causes of different organizational issues.

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scorecards as a performance management tool

Learn how to align the HR strategy to the Business strategy. In this session we discuss about Balanced Scorecard, Workforce Scorecard, HR Scorecard.

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successful business case
Building a successful business case

Learn how to speak business. Create business cases that obtain stakeholder buy-in.

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scenario planning methodology
Scenario planning

Learn the methodology of prevention. Scenario planning helps you manage potential challenges and leverage potential opportunities.

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data visualization guide
Data Visualization

Learn to tell a powerful story by leveraging the human brain functions to understand data, patterns, trends or outliers.

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Employee turnover

Learn everything you need to know about employee turnover. A complex phenomenon which can be successfully managed with the right tools.

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employee turnover root cause analysis
Case Study – Employee turnover

A full data analytics process on employee turnover. A practical approach of employee turnover.

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compensation and benefit course
Compensation Diagnosis

Learn everything a Compensation Specialist should know. Learn the methodology and metrics that compose a full compensation diagnosis.

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comp & ben diagnosis
Case Study – Reward diagnosis

Full disclosure on a complete pay diagnosis. Learn how different data perspectives draw the big picture which is the source for the right solution.

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strategic workforce planning
Strategic workforce planning

Coming soon!

8+ years of HR consultancy in areas like:
HR Analytics, Compensation & Benefits, Engagement.
Short CV:
Founder @ humano: 2018 – present
Senior Account Manager @ Korn Ferry Hay Group: 2015 – 2018
Business Performance Consultant @ theConsultants Group 2012 – 2015
Operations Quality Manager @theConsultants: 2012
Market Research @ Various Agencies: 2007 – 2012

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When do courses start?

You will gain access to all courses right after the account activation. It’s up to you to decide when to start each session. You can access our courses as long as you have an active subscription.

Can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time from your account settings. The monthly subscription you commit to one month at a time. In the annual subscription you have a 12 months minimum commitment.

What kind of certificate do I get?

You will receive a completion certificate issued by Humano. It is a great way to prove the completion of this courses to your employer.

What kind of support do I receive?

For any type of issues you may encounter we offer support. If you have technical issues or you would like to schedule a follow up session with a consultant please contact us at contact@humano.ro.

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