learn how to effectively be governed by data

Learn how to effectively be governed by data

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Learn how to effectively be governed by data. Having a powerful data management system will create an competitive advantage. We all know the saying: “Garbage in. Garbage out”. In order for you to have the power to make the right decisions, in a timely manner, you need qualitative data fast.

This section is designed to offer you a deep understanding of:
1. What it means to be governed by data
2. How to effectively clean your HR data
3. What does data stewardship means and how it can be implemented
4. What does a data warehouse mean and why it’s important
5. Learn which is the most common data maturity model
6. Learn which are the steps between descriptive analytics and prescriptive analytics

This is a session that aims to give you an overview of what it means to work with data. You will learn how to prepare your processes in order to have reliable data. Don’t hesitate! Learn how to effectively be governed by data.

Trainer: Razvan Radu
Razvan has an extensive experience of working with data. In the past 12 years data was at the core of his activity. During this time he worked with various types of data from small samples to big data. He was in charge, at different points, of all the core activities involved by the process of insight generation. He delivered and created reports and live dashboards. In the past 3 years he dedicated his activity to HR Analytics consultancy and software implementation from the position of Humano founder.
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