HR Analytics relevant theories

HR Analytics relevant theories

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Learn the most relevant theories you need to know when implementing HR Analytics. Data analytics is a very important tool for HR and business. In order to make the implementation smooth it is mandatory to understand the theories which should guide our steps.

This section is designed to offer you a deep understanding of:
1. Which are the most relevant theories in HR Analytics
2. Which are the most relevant metrics and theories in Recruitment
3. The most important metrics and theories in L&D
4. The most important metrics and theories in Comp & Ben
5. The basics of strategic workforce planning

This session is designed to offer an overview of the main theories from each HR functional area. It is important for a data analyst to understand the complexity of HR processes, business and mainly what motivates people. It is time to break the silos from the HR department.

Trainer: Razvan Radu

Razvan has an extensive HR experience gathered in more than 8 years of practice. During his experience he was involved and designed various complex projects to boost companies performance. During his formal learning sessions provided by established companies combined with practical experience he learned what works and what doesn’t.

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