scorecards as a performance management tool

Scorecards as a performance management tool

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Scorecards are a very effective performance management tool. You can use scorecards to track the execution of your objectives. In the literature you will mainly find three types of scorecards: Balanced Scorecards, Workforce Scorecard and HR Scorecard. Scorecards are used to align the company strategy with every day tasks of each employee. Scorecards can also communicate what’s important and what are the company’s objectives.

This session is designed to offer you a deep understanding of:
1. Which are the main scorecards you will find in companies worldwide
2. Which are the main challenges regarding the creation of scorecards
3. Balanced Scorecard – dimensions and KPIs
4. Workforce Scorecard – dimensions and KPIs
5. HR Scorecard – dimensions and KPIs

In this session you will learn how to use scorecards as a performance management tool. You will learn what are the main challenges when it comes to the implementation of scorecards. Examples are provided so you can have the best learning experience.

Trainer: Razvan Radu
Razvan has been in charge of creating scorecards in many organizations from various industries. During his activity he aligned the HR and people strategy to the business strategy. Doing so he created dashboards and reports with metrics capable of tracking the execution of each strategy.

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