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Learn how to conduct a Compensation Diagnosis

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Learn how to conduct a compensation diagnosis that will uncover the real pay issues. Internal equity and external competitiveness are two important factors in employee engagement and motivation. Learn how identify hidden costs and potential risks. Learn how to create a powerful compensation strategy that is a true catalyst for the company strategy execution.

This course is designed to offer you a deep understanding of:

1. Total reward framework
2. Reward elements & pay mix
3. The 5 values methodology
4. Job comparison methodologies
5. Reward package diagnosis: internal equity & external competitiveness
6. Most used reward principles

The main objective of this session is to lay the foundation of compensation and benefit. You will learn how to correctly conduct a compensation policy diagnosis. Also, you will be able to understand technical issues from comp & ben. Learn how to do an internal equity analysis and a external competitiveness analysis.

Trainer: Razvan Radu
In his experience with Korn Ferry Hay Group, Razvan was part of the creation of the biggest salary survey in Romania and Moldova. During this experience and afterwards as a founder of Humano, Razvan conducted lots of compensation diagnosis projects and compensation strategy design. Also, in the past 3 years he trained in compensation and benefits more than 150 HR Professionals.

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