Data Visualization
KPIs & Dashboards
Creating great visualizations never been so easy!

Using Humano People Analytics Platform you will be able to create meaningful Dashboards.
Moreover, it’s how you start to implement a Data Driven Decision Culture.

Real Time Dashboards
You can create custom, real time Dashboards. In addition, you can share them with peers, management team or other stakeholders.
KPI Library
You don’t have to worry about formulas. Our Library has more than 100 HR KPIs with established formulas. Most importantly, they are all just one click away.
Custom KPIs
One size does not fit all. So, you are able to create your own KPIs. Manage your uniqueness by creating the KPIs that make sense for your organization.
Advanced Filtering
Filter your KPIs and Dashboards in a matter of seconds on unique data segments. Make the right decision by understanding the necessary nuances.
Save to PDF
Save the KPIs and Dashboards into PDF files. Share them in meetings, or with the colleagues with no access to our platform.
User Management
Restrict users to visualize data which is outside their area of interest. Be in control and decide who sees what.
Your data. Your right to manage it.
Data Management
You are in charge of your data.  Manage flows and create rules to be sure you get the data you need at the quality you need.
Import / Export Data
Import or Export data via excel or .csv files.

Automation with other software available.

Control fields
Control which fields are required for data entry. Enforce rules for data input like restricted options depending on values present in different fields.
Track in time
Track  value changes in time. Every time interval will display the appropriate value. You can track info like Department, Position, Employee type, etc.
Edit Data
You can edit the data directly in our platform.  We have functions like: in-line direct edit in the view or via data forms.
Filter Data
Filter the data according to your complex need. Filter by raw data or meta data: performance, active employees, department, etc.
User Management
Control who can view, edit or approve data changes. You are in full control.
Multiple Tables
You can track different types of data by having multiple data modules. Track absences, training hours, performance, work from home, recruitment data, etc.
View Customization
View only certain data tables. Choose what and when to see.
Data Security
Be safe. Keep your data Secure
Encrypted Data
SSO or 2 Step Authentication
Audit Logs