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Cross training rate (F)

Definition: It measures the percentage of employees that received training on knowledge or skills needed in other departments. Calculation steps: identify the employees that received training on other abilities/skills/knowledge than those needed for their current roleidentify the average number of employees within the company in the time framedivide the total number of cross trained employees …

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Performance breakdown (F)

Definition: It measures the percentage of employees in every performance category. Calculation steps: identify the employees in each performance categorydivide the total number of employees in each category to the total number of employees with performance ratingsexpress the values as percentages

Survey general guidelines (F)

Surveys on different subjects are a common through companies. To be able to get the accurate info from which actionable insights can be extracted you need to follow a set of guidelines: General guidelines: Define you goal(s): what do you want to find out and why.Determine the questionnaire distribution method: email/paper.Decide if confidentiality or anonymity …

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Percentage of completion (F)

Definition: Measures the number of employees that completed the survey out of the total number of employees. Calculation steps: count the employees that were asked to complete the surveycount the employees that submitted their answersdivide the number of employees that submitted answers to the total number of participants It is generally acknowledged that a PoC …

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Training hours (F)

Defintion: It measures the number of training hours per employee. To better understand if you are investing your L&D budget in the right place you need to split this metric by the following dimensions: eLearning vs. classroom learning or mixedinternal delivered vs. external traininghours by company levelhours by departmenthours by functionhours per manager or individual …

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Overtime ratio (F)

Definition: It measures the ratio between total overtime hours and the regular hours in a time frame. Calculation steps: choose time frameidentify the employees that worked overtimecorrelate employees with the number of hours of worked overtimeadd the values for overtime in a total amount of hoursidentify the number of working hours within the time framedivide …

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Decile (F)

Definition: Deciles are the 9 values that split a string into ten equal parts. For internal or external benchmark of salary elements are used the following statistical elements: D1  - First Decile - 10% of the values in the string are below, 90% of the values are above; also known as Percentile 10 D9 – …

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Median (F)

Definition: The value that splits a string of numbers in equal halves, it is the value in the middle.  Calculation steps: sort the values in a low to high orderidentify if the string has an uneven or even number of valuesidentify the number that splits the string of number into equal halvesfor a string with …

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Cost of absenteeism (F)

Definition: It measures the cost generated by absenteeism phenomenon. Calculation steps: identify the number of hours lost due absenteeismidentify the hourly average salary of each employee with hours lost due to absenteeismmultiply the hourly average to the number of hours lost due to absenteeismmultiply the total value by 2 Studies reveal different amounts and they …

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