A complete data management and visualization tool that will extract powerful insights from your HR data.
Humano People Analytics aggregates data from multiple sources like: HCM, Payroll, ATS, LMS, Excel, etc. and creates real time KPI’s, dashboards and reports.
This way you can better understand company culture, improve productivity and performance, increase retention and create better work conditions for your people.

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Data aggregation

Data Warehouse

Humano is a powerful data management tool which allows you to lay the foundation for people analytics.

  • Create a complete employee database and use it as a single source of truth.
  • Humano aggregates data from multiple sources like: Payroll, HCM, HRIS, LMS, ATS, Excel, etc. and offers easy and custom accessibility.
  • Data flows are automated via different methods.
  • Manage your data with features like: direct edit/add/delete, input restrictions, etc.

Real time Analytics
and Visualizations

A complete HR data management and visualization SaaS tool designed to give you all the insights to make the best people decisions.

  • KPI’s, Dashboards & Reports are calculated in real time based on the changes made in your database.
  • You can choose from a KPI Library with more then 200 standard metrics or we can create custom formulas.
  • Great visualizations which allow you to understand the whole picture at one glance.
  • Understand multiple perspectives with custom visualizations.
HR workforce analytics and visualizations

Employee Feedback

Feedback is an important part in a company’s culture. It is vital to collect it on the spot when employees are willing to offer it and remember it fully. Don’t postpone it.

  • Create any type of survey (including 360 evaluations) and collect feedback when you need it.
  • Understand each employee group specifics in a matter of seconds with powerful segmentation techniques.
  • Automate surveys like: onboarding, probation, exit, etc.
  • Create adaptive questionnaires that allow you to drill down into respondents beliefs and opinions.

Security. Our top priority.

Humano is dedicated to constantly keep your data safe. We have a security by design approach. Here are some of the most important features:

  • Containerized components
  • Encrypted data
  • Single Sign-On or Two Step Authentication
  • Audit logs
  • Data back-ups
  • Role base access in the platform

And many more that will keep your data safe.

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