Meet Humano!

The Platform that Accelerates your business performance.

Humano HR Platform is here to help you implement a data driven people decision making culture. We are here to offer you the insights and tools you need to make the right decisions. Through process automation we will buy you and your team precious time for meaningful work.

Would you like to:

Gain time to do more meaningful work and directly contribute to company performance.
Be proactive and prevent events like employee turnover, absenteeism or engagement loss.
Manage hidden costs within the organization (turnover, absenteeism, training, pay, benefits, etc.).
Have reliable data and metrics in real time so you can act and adapt to the continuous business challenges.
Have no struggle with data (searching, cleaning, transforming, visualization and reporting).

You are in the right place!
Our HR Dashboards Module can:

Compile data from multiple sources without you worrying about a thing.
Create live dashboards which can track employee movements through time,
Give you a Library with more than 100 HR KPIs with established formulas just one click away.
Accommodate custom KPIs, advanced filtering and segmentation.
Give you ownership on your data so you can transform it to it’s best quality.

Or maybe you would like to:

Have the possibility to collect feedback whenever it’s the appropriate moment not after months.
Collect actionable feedback with no struggle.
Stop wasting precious time on additional data processing to get precious insights.
Stop wasting money, time and energy on additional surveys, focus groups or interviews to get closer to the root problem.

All these can happen with Humano Survey Module.
Among it’s capabilities we can mention:

Conditional logic so you can ask the right people the right questions.
Anonymous options so your respondents can give honest feedback.
Create surveys to store feedback after sessions like exit or onboarding interviews, etc.
Segmentation based on employees attributes and metadata so you can drill down to the root causes.
Notifications which can be customized with your personalized message.